June 12th, 2003

Tall ships (porthole)

Thoughts... (my attempt at a story)

Well, here goes...

I look out at the darkening sky, and think about how things used to be. Back in the old days. Before all this happened.

I'm doing this a lot now. Going outside, and just sitting there with my thoughts, listening to the eerie sound of the Feadanaigh, the whistle player. It's somehow calming.

A distant rumble of thunder reaches me, and the world around lights up for a moment. I see someone walking up the hill towards me.

She too looks troubled, in search of a place to sit and think. About what's happened. About our small village, lost in time. About the world around us.

The sky lights up again, with the thunder louder this time. Tonight, the elements shall reclaim the Gaelic countryside. Tonight, everyone will be huddled up inside by the fire. Except for us, the victims of time.

The rain starts to fall, softly at first. Soon it will take over this mysterious land.

She has now reached me, at the top of the hill. As the thunder rumbles around us, and the lightning flashes, we head inside the small Celtic hut.

As the elements do battle around us, we seek comfort in the one thing that is left to us after the ravages of the past.

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