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Interests meme

Comment listing 3 of my interests, and I'll explain them. You can then follow the meme tradition by posting this in your journal!

I thought that I had posted this meme before, but I can find neither the post nor the comments for it, which scuppers my main plan for today's post. And yes, I have been posting a fair number of memes, but to be honest there's not been that much happening here lately. So I've taken to tidying up the backlog of unanswered memes, and posting all the various odds and ends that have been sitting on the back burner. It's surprising how much time it actually takes to gather my thoughts and write one of these posts: that photography post took me a good hour to create, mostly spent searching through my archives for the right photo. Others, like these, only take a few minutes but don't have anywhere near as much substance (though I'll probably end up writing loads soon after a few people have commented on this post).
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