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Computer stuff works! [Monday 12th July 2004 at 8:31 pm]

[Feeling |jubilantjubilant]

Yay! Happy happy happy happy! *does a happy dance*

Erm... *looks embarassed*

I'll start from the beginning. Around a month ago, I was using my computer when I started getting random errors and it decided to bluescreen (and when Win2k bluescreens, it means it). It was late, so I left it at that. Switched it on the next day, logged on as usual, and was greeted by a message from the anti-virus part of Norton Internet Security saying that a file was missing and it basically didn't like me. No problem, I thought, copy the file from the CD and try again.
Or at least, that's what I was hoping would happen. Norton didn't like that, and while no longer complaining about the missing file it still didn't want to run.
So, do a reinstall, like it wants. Fire up Add/Remove Programs, uinstall the beastie, and the uninstall dies half-way through.
Retrying the uninstall didn't get anywhere. Well, I thought there must be manual uninstall instructions around, and I did indeed find them on the Symantec web site. Followed the instructions, cleaning up after the remains of the dead install, reinstalled it, and was greeted by a message saying that I needed to activate it now before I could use it. Fair enough, considering that I'd had it installed previously for some time. Or at least it would be, if it let me activate it.
I tried a few times to remove all traces of it from my system,and about the only thing I managed was to get it to prompt for the CD-key during install and to screw up fancy web views in Explorer. System reinstall time!

After reinstalling everything, and the usual mess of drivers including installing the wrong IDE driver, then pulling it out from underneath a working system (it's suprising how much of Win2k will still work when it can no longer 'see' the system partition or driver - I could still browse the web with IE and it only died when I tried to shut the system down), I had a mostly working system.
With one slight problem - full-screen DirectX games locked the computer. This turned out to be something to do with the latest nVidia drivers, Win2k, and my GeForce Ti4600 dualhead beastie. Tried the latest drivers - didn't work. Tried the drivers from Gainward's site - didn't work. Ended up going back to the drivers that came with the card (which are ver 4x.xx instead of 56.72), and it appears to work.
Which means I can finally play Worms again! Yay! *dances some more*
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