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5 years of photography

Fine, fine, decent post time. And there I was thinking that I would be able to succeed with short but controversial one-liners.

Anyway, many years ago I posted a photography meme on my journal. And, like with so many other memes, I forgot about it. Every so often I've revisited it with the intention of finishing it off but usually I've been distracted by something else.

Well, that's going to change. I have the photos, and I'm sitting in front of my computer. So, on with the photography!

Pleaseremove's woodlouse

Strange as it may seem, I don't think I've got a photo of a woodlouse in my collection. So instead I shall give you a photo that may contain a woodlouse. It definetely contains snails.

Taken next to a sitting stone just north of Hove, while out geocaching with Ric a couple of years ago. The stone is locally known as Rest and be Thankful

Pleaseremove's slinky

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the latest development: the microslinky!

Pleaseremove's swivel chair

'Fraid I don't have a decent photo of a swivel chair, so how about a spiral chair?

These are in Sussex University's Library, and are based off the golden ratio.

Elemnar's computer

Actually, it's my computer, not elemnar's. Random snapshot showing the whole computer. The lights are actually blue, and come from the power supply.

Elemnar's animal

A very tame robin, seen flying around in the local garden centre one Christmas.

Elemnar's mug

The motto translates as Faith and love.

Olego's you

Me, from a couple of years back. I think the hair-trimmer part of the shaver had given out recently, hence the very thin beard.

Olego's your room

My room on campus, from my first year of university.

Olego's campus

My favourite is probably the photo of the Meeting House, but I do like this one.

Mirrordream's flame

Gas hob, 1/6th exposure, tripod. It needs a surprisingly long exposure.

Mirrordream's family member

Do cats count as family? I've always thought that they do.

Mirrordream's illuminated red wine

In the absence of red wine I've poured myself a (very strong) glass of summer fruits cordial. Lit from above by a halogen desk lamp.

Ryutsuki's hair

This is probably my hair. Craig most likely took this photo.

Ryutsuki's jacket

Rohan Axiom jacket. It lead a hard life at university (pockets always full of digital camera), and as a consequence it's not as waterproof as it used to be.

Ryutsuki's jumping jacks

Unfortuantly don't have one of these either. I thought I had a photo of one of the cats doing a VTOL impression, but I appear to be lacking that as well. Ah well, I'll have to draw a blank for this.

pTristan's bookcase

One of the older digital photos in my collection.

pTristan's object in motion

A DIY wind turbine, seen on Sussex campus early last year.

pTristan's book

But I don't want to be stealthy today! Today I am a dragon, not a frightened pigeon trying to avoid being seen by a hunting falcon.

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