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So, today I did something different. I went round people's gardens.

You see, today Fareham had a open gardens thing, where some of the best back gardens were opened to the general public. I only found out about this on Friday, and decided to wander down and have a look round, with half a mind to go on to the cinema afterwards. What I was expecting was some careful flower arrangement.

What I saw was one garden which was full of lots of different themes, with fun things hidden everywhere (like a cat statue that meowed at you, and a teddy-bears picnic in the woods), and another garden that was like half-a-dozen different rooms (complete with a living roof in one corner). The first was big enough to contain a small wood, while the second was a tiny little garden at the back of a bungalow. The owners had obviously put their heart into them, into making a garden that they enjoy rather than one that would win prizes. I'm not a gardener myself, but I'm still glad I went round them.

I think I was by far the youngest person there who hadn't been dragged along by parents. It's nice to break the typical teenager stereotype.

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