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DS friend codes and Wii number [Saturday 1st December 2007 at 6:17 pm]

[Tags|, ]
[Playing |Force Of Gravity ~ BT/HMV UK Playlist March 2007]

A while back I bought some shinyness in the form of a DS. And, like all modern shiny things, it has built-in wireless.

The DS relies on friend codes for adding, well, friends. Here's my codes:
Metroid Prime Hunters: 4382-0448-7571
Phantom Hourglass: 3909-5654-0154
Picross DS: 171913-932582

Comment with your code and I'll add you.

The Wii also has a similar system, although here you use one code across all games: 1528-2710-1226-9571

Again, comment with your code and I'll add you. I've got a bunch of Metroid Prime 3 friend vouchers in want of a good home.
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