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S2 and all that

I've been monkeying around with S2 just now, and trying to make it work. It doesn't help having come from a VB background and knowing very little about Perl (which it appears to be modelled on).

Anyway, the lastn page mostly works - just need to tidy up the links and make it look better. The main point behind what I was creating was to cerate a page that while looking fancy and pretty in IE6 or whatever, it will still look reasonable in older browsers, without images or with a custom CSS file.

Still on the todo list for it:
# Fix the links
# Create other views - friends will be next as it's not really different to lastn, but the calenday view will be harder bearing in mind my goals for this
# Add customisability - it should be easy to change colours/fonts/everything
# Add internationalisation
# Get it added to the stock LJ set (well I can dream, can't I?)

I would like to be able to stick a valid HTML4/XHTML1/whatever logo on it, but unfortuantly while the style mat be valid, the posts aren't always. Not much that can be done about that!

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