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Photo dump

In celebration of the return of intertubes, I've added a bunch more photos to my gallery. Go forth and comment!

Dreamy sunset

Just a hint of what might be camera shake, or what might be confused auto-focus.

Purple flowers

Purple is one of the most difficult colours for a camera (film or digital) to photograph. These flowers from the neighbours garden are a much more vivid purple than my camera can successfully capture.

Picture window

I rather like the picture-window effect of this, though it's let down by the pincushion distortion. Correcting that seems to be more hassle than it's worth, so I've just uploaded the original unedited photo.

Solar crystals

Rainbow crystals, spiraling out from the sun.

Fast computing

Simple experiment involving a CRT, a loosened tripod head and a long exposure with flash sync at the start.

Curtain ghost

Similar to the previous, a loosened tripod head and a long exposure with flash sync are all that's needed to achieve this.

Searching for a sunset

Not long ago, myself, Craig and Will set out on a voyage to find the sunset.


And find it we did. Taken at Beachy Head.

Dark'nd Sea

Later on we made our way down to the cliffs themselves. There's something eerie about them at night, especially when you know that Beachy Head has a reputation for suicides.


While sitting in Falmer House, I spotted this reflection in the glass window of the nearby debating chamber. My only regret is that I didn't have a polarising filter with me.

Common room posters

The student union at Sussex decided to spruce up Falmer House by getting various clubs to paint posters to hang in the building. These are mostly activist clubs of various sorts - Fair Trade, Engineers Without Borders, Eco-uni to name a few. The Mountaineering one is an obvious exception.

Sussex activism

The Sussex student union has a reputation for being one of the more activist unions. This snapshot shows some of the student body's previous exploits. You can click the photo to view the original, though unfortuantly not all the text is readable.


I spotted this plant growing on a fallen tree, on a public path next to Battle Abbey. A hint of flash pulls it into the foreground, with the compensation tweaked to darken the background.

Ladders of Jacobs

He saw pathways of light, a multitulde of angels ascending and descending...


Simple photo, taken from the window of a train cruising along the Coastway East line on its way to Lewes. Sometimes the mistakes are better than the actual photo.


A glimpse of the infrastructure that powers our world. 110kV lines thread their way across the country, providing heat, light, and late-night Unreal Tournament.

Gloss black

I bought a small halogen desk-lamp from Ikea recently, and noticed that the gloss black plastic is suprisingly reflective. Using it as a mirror also seems to do weird stuff with focussing - the focal distance of the reflected image is a lot closer than you'd expect.

Solar spotlight

The clouds here block out most of the sunlight, giving it the appearance of a spotlight. Just a hint of lens flare in the corner.

Mary Rose

The ghostly remains of the Mary Rose, one of the first warships to have cannons. Launched in 1510, lost in 1545, raised in 1982 and now conserved at Portsmouth Dockyard.

Surfing at your risk

Taken on the outskirts of Fareham, next to a walled river.

Forgotten birds

A pair of birds once nested in a tree. The birds are long gone, but an echo of their presence remains.

I do miss the 768k upload from Brighton.

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