Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Breaking radio silence

Intertubes ordered. All being well, I should be online with something decent before the week's out.

I must say Vodafone's GPRS support is pretty good for what it is. 15MB for a quid is cheap compared to most, and goes suprisingly far when you're being stingy about images, though this is "helped" by their servers recompressing all JPEGs and GIFs. The Bluetooth link is also actually behaving itself, with a range of nearly the whole apartment. It does tax the cellphone somewhat, and the UI is noticeably slower with an active GPRS link.

Slightly disappointed that Virgin Media's offering is only a USB modem, but I do have a rather old hardware router that's designed to work with such a device (as far as I know there was only one model of router that actually did this). There's also an old 802.11g access point lurking under my desk. Between them I've got more functionality than most all-in-one units, not to mention more reliability - in a previous life the kit had an uptime measured in years (yes, plural). Who needs new kit, when the old is better?

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