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Comment meme!

Who's been commenting in your journal?

1 boggyb 30 comments 38.96% of total
2 olego 14 comments 18.18% of total
3 artisticbardess 9 comments 11.69% of total
4 music4asoul 8 comments 10.39% of total
5 dootsie 4 comments 5.19% of total
6 crschmidt 3 comments 3.9% of total
7 ralesk 3 comments 3.9% of total
8 talon8 3 comments 3.9% of total
9 lorriejharris 2 comments 2.6% of total
10 Anonymous 1 comments 1.3% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by mpnolan. Original idea from scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard.

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