Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Full marks to Sainsbury's home shopping

Full marks to Sainsbury's home shopping!

As happens in this house, an online order was placed, and it was delivered with the usual substituted item and not found item. This time, however, they managed a cock up in the form of apparently replacing one pack of toothpaste with one ladies deodorant, but charging for the former. So I phoned up, spent a couple of minutes listening to them advertise Asparagus, and then got put through to a nice lady on the other end who kept saying "Good mornin--, sorry, good evening".

After getting part the usual game of guess-the-phone-number-used (turned out to be Nick's old one - one we realised this he got her to update it on the system), I then outlined my problem.

To which the response was, roughly, "I'm sorry, I have no idea how that could have happened. >clickety-click< well, you can keep the deodorant and use it yourself or give it away or whatever, and I'll refund you the cost of the toothpaste which is £1.67 so I'll round that up to £2, and that'll be applied as a voucher on your next order"

I'm actually impressed at this outcome. Nice one, Sainsbury's.

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