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Beware the zombies...

After some digging, I have discovered that the rabid zombies are in fact rabid *robot* zombies. This explains why most magic is ineffective - I mean, how can a robot be rabid or a zombie? Defying the laws of physics is one thing - people do that on a daily basis - but defying the laws of common sense is another matter entirely.

The fact they're robots, however, makes for an interesting means of attack. Research shows that they are being controlled by the DarkSteel corporation, which some readers may remember as being responsible for the Jabberwocky virus that got nipped in the bud on Rabbit Hole day a couple of years back. They've since upgraded their external security, but sometimes the old methods are the best. Lemme see...

...ah-hah! Let's give this old disk a try...

A:\>in_case_of_zombies.exe -password BREAKGLASS -mode classic
Password accepted.

You are at the entrance to DarkSteel's LAN.
Exits:  south
> go south

You are in the DMZ hub.
Exits:  south, east, north
> go south

You are in a monitoring terminal.

I've not used an interface like this since '05. Right, let's see if I can get in...

You are in a monitoring terminal.
Exits:  north
Items:  wireless.cfg.enc (2MB)
> take wireless.cfg.enc
You have picked up the file.

You are in a monitoring terminal.
Exits:  north
> go north

You are in the DMZ hub.
Exits:  south, east, north
> go east

You are in DarkSteel's web server.
Exits:  south, north, west
> go south

You are in DarkSteel's database server.
Exits:  north, northeast
> go northeast

You are in the border firewall.
Exits:  southeast, southwest, northwest, west

Hah! You think they'd learn after last time. I see they're still leaving useful files outside the perimeter defenses.

Now, where is that control server...

Zombie uprising day '07
Thanks to jecook and ariskari for the heads up.
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