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Lark in the Morning

Hmm. I seem to have done a Dan and forgotten the time.

Settling down at 2:30 am to watch the second half of the first episode of Battlestar Galatica might not have been the smartest idea. The local birds are a-twitter, and it is noticeably light outside.

I've half a mind to stay up and watch the sun rise. Not done that since, oh... probably the last Scout camp, whenever that was. Actually, thinking about it, when I went over to Ulster last year the sun rose just after the ferry got in to Dublin ferry port. Unfortuantly, most of the sun-rising happened while I was on the bus to the train station.

I don't really need to be up for anything tomorrow, and I don't actually feel that sleepy. If I was properly awake I might even walk down to the seafront with SLR in hand, then drop the film off at Boots when they open... nah. Not *that* awake.

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