Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Bloody hard disks.

I can hear this one clearly over the fans, making a buzzing whine sound. It's gotten louder over the past few days, has been running significantly hotter and seems very prone to stalling the IDE bus for a few seconds on each request. The quiet "tick...tick" it makes when it does that does not fill me with confidence.

Well, my master plan of heavily exercising the disk to make it hurry up and die seems to have worked. My data is on the other disk and manually mirrored in any case (learnt that one the hard way), my *really* important data is in physically seperate places, and I've recently gotten a pair of 120GB jobs for this very eventuality. Having a disk go bad in exactly the same way about two years ago means you know the warning signs, though I'd have expected this one to fail a few months ago. There's something about that generation of IBM disks that makes them gradually go bad - I've lost a 60GB to this failure (most likely platter vibration), have a sister 60GB drive that's heading that way, and now this 80GB one.


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