Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Hmm, Opera doesn't seem to like doing HTTP auth with a password with high ASCII (ÁÉÍÓÚ and friends). Curious. I thought HTTP was supposed to be 8-bit safe, and given that the password will be Base64 encoded anyway (if not hashed) they've got no excuse.

Edit: Well, either I'm mistyping the password or Firefox doesn't like them either (mistyped, Firefox works. Opera doesn't). How odd. Lemme check the RFC...

...yep, the username is defined as being 8-bit text excluding a ':' and the password is defined as any valid 8-bit text. The only characters not permitted are non-white-space control codes (0 .. 31). The spec even says to assume ISO-8859-1 for high ASCII.

Right, let's have a look with a packet sniffer...

...ah-hah! Opera transmits accented characters in some sort of multi-byte encoding (probably UTF-8), and there doesn't appear to be a setting to change this. Bad Opera.

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