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The Red X Of Doom

As appears to be traditional, I have discovered that there's a bug in one of my submissions, after submitting it (previous ones include a non-functioning command in a text adventure that fortuantly isn't required to complete the game).

On my site that I created for MDA, the picture of me doesn't work. This is because the URL for it, instead of being "me.jpeg", is apparently "file:///C:/Data/Sussex/3A/MDA/Assignment%202/www/me.jpeg". The same goes for the picture of the side view of my PDA: "file:///C:/Data/Sussex/3A/MDA/Assignment%202/www/pda.jpeg" instead of "pda.jpeg". In both cases the actual files are present online, it is merely the link which is incorrect.

Of course, everything appeared to work fine as the site was tested from the same computer it was developed on. It's only now I'm idly wandering round it on another machine that I notice this, and of course it's too late for me to resubmit it. Good job I'm not using images for the site's look and feel.

Ah well, there's nothing I can do about it. No use worrying over what you can't fix.

And next time I'll check the URLs meself rather than assuming Visual InterDev is behaving itself.
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