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Grr, ill again.

Which is a shame, as otherwise I had a good time today. Went to Rin's birthday party, and took part in an 8-way Time Spiral draft. Griffin Guide makes for a very nice enchantment, especially when stuck on a Zealot il-Vec or a Benalish Cavalry. Blowing it up with my own Cloudchaser Kestrel was somewhat less smart (and sealed my doom in one game).

Oh, and Angel's Grace makes for a very nice get-out-of-jail-free card.

All in all, 'twas good fun and lots of food was laid on (which I unfortuantly didn't eat that much of - again, being ill sucks. What sucks more is feeling fine that morning), and was good to see Rin again.

Anyway, I have manga to read (courtesy of brokencube), and a bed to sleep in.

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