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The stupid people have found something called "email". Fear.

...annnnnd that's the third email this week with 9,542 different email addresses in the To header. And they're all using the same list, which makes me suspicious that it's been copied out of the first email by the other two. Not to mention that this list of valid email addresses (and consequently, user accounts) is a blatent violation of the Data Protection Act over here, as well as good security policies.

You know what? I'm not going to even read this email entitled "New Student Night!". If they can't be bothered to send it sensibly, then I can't be bothered to read it. It shall merely be deleted unread. *plonk*

Learn to send emails, folks. Contrary to popular belief, it's not actually that hard to realise that it's better to use Bcc, or heaven forbid aliases such as everyone@ that are specifically designed for this purpose than it is to dump every single valid email address in the To field and fry the mail server with nearly two gigabytes of what is probably unwanted junk.

I stand by my belief that RFC 1855 should be read before anyone is allowed to send email. For something that was written in 1995, it's still very relevant.

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