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The clocks are going back tonight. And, as always, some dim spark has come up with the idea of leaving them permanently forward.

Um, no.

They tried this a while back. People in the South were mostly unaffected. People in the North found it an absolute nightmare to cope with, and lots of children got killed on the roads as a result. Londoners and those in the South may not realise this, but Scotland gets a good few hours less sunlight than Sussex.

Don't go mucking around with a perfectly good system. There's a reason why it's called British Summer Time, not British Winter Time.

Also, don't go bashing the Scots over this. This is the United Kingdom. I notice that most of those on the BBC forums bashing the Scots live in the South of England, and so don't have any reason to complain. You get more hours of light than the Scots, so why are you complaining?

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