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Photos galore!

Yep, it's photo time again. Now including some from my trip to Northern Ireland.

On a related note, I can recommend Boots for getting prints from digital. They beat Jessops on price for real prints from digital (on to FujiColor Crystal Archive paper, whatever that is), and also have kiosks for "instant" prints (probably dye sublimination). Their software is nicer as well. Quality is excellent, and puts my camera (an aging Olympus C-3030Z) to shame. I must plonk a bunch of my better ones on a CD or memory card, and get those done.

Thumbnails and descriptions (30)

Bangor bay

Looking across the bay near where I stayed.

Roger Toms

"...over the roofs of Trewissick, came sailing again the phantom ship of Cornwall..."
Greenwitch, Susan Cooper least this is what I see, when I look at this photo. Perhaps you'll see something different?
Taken in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Jacob's Ladders

"And he dreamed that there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it!"
Genesis 28:11-19, the Christian Bible
Not the best example of Jacob's Ladders, but they're there. Taken from the coach on the way to Londonderry.

Londonderry Cathedral

St Columb's Cathedral is unique in that it has a mortar shell on a stand in the porch. This shell contained the terms of surrender for the siege of Derry, and was fired into the city on the 10th of July, 1689. The inhabitants refused, and subsequently broke the siege.
We (myself and my aunt) had a guided tour of the cathedral, and the man giving the tour turned out to also be researching the McCorkell family tree, amongst others. In the display room off to one side is a painting of a distant ancestor/relative of mine.

Cannon's-eye view

One of the many cannons on the walls of Londonderry. These walls are notable for being still intact, and for having never been breached.

Derry football ground

The football pitch for Londonderry's team. I don't normally follow football, but this team is notable for having recently made their way up to international level, and for playing France. They played France twice - first time France sent their second string along, and got trounced for underestimating them. Second time, France played with their international team (which doesn't consist of that many actual French players), and won 2-0. They had to work very hard to get each goal.


Taken on the bus back from Londonderry. I can't remember which building this is - possibly the town hall or a college.

Rainy day

Taken on the bus back from Londonderry. I was trying to get a photo, and the camera had problems deciding what to focus on. Turned out rather nicely.


Bah, who needs coal when you can have an instant peat fire.

Giant's Causeway

The actual causeway is in the next bay over, but you can see some of the hexagonal basalt pillars.


I saw quite a few of these motoring across the path. They crawl at a fair lick, and you can see the hairs ripple along. Any idea as to what kind of caterpillar they are?

Giant's Causeway

Ireland is known for having even more variable weather than England. We had sun, cloud, rain and fog all in one day. No snow, but that's only because it wasn't cold enough.

Giant's Causeway

The Causeway itself. Countless pillars of basalt, leading across to Scotland, built by the giants of old. Come here at the right time of day, and you'll believe all the legends.

Giant's Causeway

You can never take the same sky photo twice. It's always changing, always in motion. My favourite parts are the contrasts between land and sky, cloud and air, sun and shadow.

Giant's Causeway

Moved on round the coast a little. The path continues round the headland, but several landslides have made it unsafe and the National Trust have closed it. Visible here are some of the chimneys

Giant's Causeway

Looking down from that last photo. This is as far as you can go.

Giant's Causeway

...annnnd then the sun came out. Note to non-Brits: this could be considered a relatively organised day, weather-wise.

Giant's Causeway

The cliffs really are this red. Moving back now, so the Causeway itself is to the left.

Giant's Causeway

Finn's throne.

Giant's Causeway

Perspective shot of the organ pipes. The pipes are blackening and crumbling due to the action of various lichen. Such is the way of things.

Giant's Causeway

Legend records that Finn McCool built this causeway to travel to Scotland to fight Benandonner, but fell asleep before he got there. Finn's wife covered him up with a blanket. When Benandonner arrived, she pretended that he was her son. Upon seeing the size of the 'son', Benandonner fled, tearing up the causeway as he went.
This place strongly remins me of the Ammateria age from Myst III.

The Photographer

The Photographer

Photographing the photographer

Obligatory-taking-photos-at-the-same-time-as-each-other-photo. I used the flash here, and Craig's photo has the flash firing in it.

Take off all Zig!

Take off all Zig! For great justice!

Jumbo ice-cream

Craig and I recently went geocaching near Ditchling Beacon. We got back to the car park just as the ice-cream man was preparing to head off, and got an ice cream each. This is his, *after* he's eaten half of it.
Very good value for money, though possibly a bit much.

Burninated ATX connector

As discovered here, the main ATX power connector on my computer is somewhat burninated. For some reason it's only the +5v feeds that are burnt. Possibly the supply's not up to it? The regulation appears to be spectacularly out as well.

Welcoming church

An oasis of calm and light in the gloom, the church welcomes all.
St Peter's Church, at the top of the Old Steine in Brighton. Amazing what you can do by tweaking the exposure compensation.


One setting sun, one Craig, forced flash, 1/650s shutter speed, -1 exposure compensation, +1 flash compensation, and spot metering for good measure. Irritatingly, while tweaking the compensation Craig stood a little further back each time, making me over-compensate.

Setting sun

Sunsets over the South Downs are absolutely stunning.

The Athlete

The athlete.
Hmm, maybe I should do a series of character photos. Ideas for the next one?

Wow, that lot took ages to upload.

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