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Well, the machine's been running for a few hours since extracting a ton of dust from the CPU heatsink, and I've also installed Motherboard Monitor 5 to keep track of temperatures and such. Worst-case readings so far:

Case: 26 °C
CPU: 49°C
HDA: 47°C
HDB: 51°C

Core: 1.78 V
+3.3: 3.42 V
+5: 4.66 V (eek!)
+12: 12.42 V

CPU fan: 4530 RPM

I think I can guess why my computer is spontaneously rebooting. That +5 voltage does not look happy, and nor do the scorch marks on all the +5 feeds to the motherboard. Methinks a new power supply is on the horizon...

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