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The mission (part 6)

Wow, have I really got this far? At some point I'm going to have to think of an ending for this. Anyway, let us read on...

While Xan was not against bending the rules somewhat, he did have a code of honour of sorts – once he gave you his word, he would do anything to keep it. And if he challenged you to a one-on-one battle, he would follow the rules to the end even if it meant defeat. He did, however, expect the same of the challenged, and few remained who had chosen to be less honourable.

“I accept,” Boggy B answered.

“You have chosen very wisely indeed. Are you happy with my rules? Each of us will have one weapon with infinite ammunition. First to 5 wins. No translocator, impact hammer, or any special items.”

“Seems fair enough to me.”

“Good. Let us begin.”

With that Xan dematerialised. The swirling colours that marked a warp point faded into view in the middle of the room. Boggy checked the charge on his trusty ASMD shock rifle, and walked on to the pad.

He materialised in what appeared to be Tempest, Xan’s personal battleground. Popular rumour was that Xan had only lost two battles in here, and both times it was against overwhelming odds. This was certainly going to be a tough one.

Boggy set off down the ramp towards the normal spawnpoint of the ripper. As he turned right into the next area a razor blade spun past at head height. He quickly spun round, saw a flicker of movement, and gave it a dose of the shock rifle’s default fire. Xan reacted by sending a barrage of razor blades back towards Boggy. His method appeared to be a simple one: lay down a large amount of suppressing fire that will make the enemy either keep their heads down or lose them, and then make good your escape. However this method is not without its risks. The razor blades of the Ripper become very unpredictable after the first couple of bounces, and filling the room with that many can result in some coming back towards the source – not a very pleasant thing to have happen.

Xan cursed as a stray blade thudded into his armour. He decided to make good his escape, and quickly ran towards the main arena. Boggy followed, sending a couple of antimatter balls towards Xan. The antimatter balls of the shock rifle are very unstable, and the slightest change in the environment will destroy the containment field. For good measure, blast them with the matter/energy beam of the shock rifle to cause them to implode, irradiating anything nearby with the energy discharge…

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