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Victory! for the horde!

Random snippet from MSN:

pleaseremove: oh this is a joke, i have spent a fair while downloading a 590meg file that wont unzip
boggyb: buwhahahaha! the internet gremlins strike again!
pleaseremove: or more to the point, has a password i cant find on the site
boggyb: victory! for the horde!
pleaseremove: oh thank god for that
pleaseremove: found it
boggyb: foiled!
pleaseremove: indeed
pleaseremove: that was a major panic for a mo there
boggyb: it matters not
boggyb: the gremlin horde shall bide their time, lurking within the depths of the intraweb, waiting until they are called upon once again to devour the internet!

See, this is why my brain shouldn't be allowed to freewheel while reading random webcomics.
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