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My coding Muse

My coding Muse has found me again, which is good. I've just spent the past few hours cranking out code for my LiveJournal journal reader, and bashing together a bit of hackery involving internet explorer, visual basic 6 and on-demand post loading. It's now almost at beta level. The only major bug remaining is that friends-only posts *still* don't work, and I think that it's LiveJournal's problem. See the previous post for details.

Now I just need to turn my fingers to the other programs I've been meaning for a while to code. That or actually release something - a trawl through my code folder showed about half-a-dozen programs at release quality, an ancient attempt at writing a Pokémon clone, various unfinished programs ranging from an empty file to a complete UI skeleton, and some stuff that I don't remember writing. Oh, and one program that I think I wrote, but am not actually sure. It has my style, but I can't remember ever writing it.

You know you've been programming too long when you can't remember why you wrote something.
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