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Today's shopping successes:

The soundtrack of Fantasia, for £6 from the indie store in the Laines that's closing down,
The extended 2-disc soundtrack of Gladiator, for £5.99 (normally £15.99) from Borders who have a big music/dvd sale,
And finally a present for my sister. Unfortuantly for her, she's got to wait another week until I'm next home to get it!

I'm very impressed that Hans Zimmer and co have authoured the Gladiator soundtrack as a gapless CD - not many artists do that. I've got I think two CDs (the other being No Roots by Faithless) and one tape (Tubular Bells II by Mike Oldfield) which were authoured that way now, plus a few which have pairs of tracks, intro+track, or track+interlude+track. It's a shame not more do this, as when it's done properly so that the music flows from one state to the next, it sounds wonderful.
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