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The Mission (part 5)

Boggy B landed hard on the concrete floor. As he levered himself back up, he heard Xan’s voice reverberate around the room.

“I appear to have underestimated you somewhat. Indeed, by now I would expect to be having you scraped off the floor of my entrance hall. However, it appears that you are stronger than you might seem.”

Boggy stood up, looking round in search of the source of the voice. It appeared to be coming from the walls, filling the darkened room.

“It seems that I will have to deal with you personally, which is not something that happens often.”

A faint whirr alerted Boggy to a camera panning in the corner. He blasted it with the shock rifle.

“No, I’m not hiding behind one of these cameras. I suggest you take a look around yourself before you do anything hasty.”

As the lights brightened Boggy B saw red pinpoints of light flicker around the room. He groaned inwardly, realising that he was well and truly caught.

“It would be so easy to do away with you now. But, it would lack something. I feel that a more personal touch is called for in these circumstances. After all, I am an honourable warrior. And I feel that a worthy enemy deserves a final battle. You are the… fourth person that I consider worthy to be of this honour.”

Part of one wall descended noiselessly into the floor, revealing Xan standing on a raised dais. He was wearing the green armour that fighters throughout the Tournament had come to know and dread. His only visible weapon was a ripper. Not everyone’s choice of weapon, but in the hands of a master it was among the most effective. And Xan truly was a master. Rumour had it that he was capable of bouncing a single blade round half of Tempest and still decapitating the unfortunate whom he was aiming for.

“So, you have a choice. Accept this final battle, and let the victor be known as the champion. Should you win, I will leave this fortress and disappear for a time. Decline this battle, and I will allow you to leave.”


“Choose wisely.”

To be continued…

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