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Tonight, the full moon glowed

Cross-posted to zelda_drabble and boggyb

Author: boggyb
Timeline: Ocarina of Time, undefined time after the end of the game.
Spoilers: Ocarina of Time if you've got no idea who's in it, and Twilight Princess if this is the first you've heard of it.
Warnings: A bit on the dark side.
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo, and I am making no money out of this.
A/N: Written at about 10:30pm, on the way back from university (and people wonder why I carry pen and paper or equivalent with me). Inspired by the full moon, Twilight Princess, and later developments in the Reconciliation fanfiction. Feedback welcome.

Tonight, the full moon glowed.

The Korkiri felt it first, as it prowled the Lost Woods, searching for something.

In Lon Lon Ranch, even the fearless Cucos shook as the shadow prowled by.

The Gerudo Fortress bristled with activity, as every post was guarded against the creature.

The Zora caverns were deserted, the fishfolk all in hiding before the oncoming storm.

Within the depths of Death Mountain, all fun stopped while the Gorons prepared for the night to come.

Alone in Hyrule Castle, Zelda stood at the window, trembling from the rage in the howl that froze the air.

"Link, what has become of you?"

Tonight, the full moon glowed.
Tags: fanfiction, ocarina of time, writings, zelda

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