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On Palms and battery life

Those who know me may know that I tend to carry a Palm around with me (a Vx, to be precise).

I've not been using it recently, and so forget to do things like put it on to charge.

The other day I was looking for it, and couldn't find it. I didn't think much of it at the time, reasoning that either a) I have it, and it's buried somewhere, or b) I've left it somewhere, in which case no point trying.

Just now I did a tidy-up of papers, and found it buried under my pencil case of all places. Turned it on, and after a few moments the battery display jumped from ~80% to ~30%. Computer logs show it was last synchronised on the 18th, which means it's not been charged for nearly 3 weeks.

If this had been a Win CE (now known as Pocket PC) widget, the battery would have been long dead.

True, all hardware sucks, but Palm managed to Get It Right™, and even more amazingly, they Got It Right™ first time. The PalmPilot series are some of the best-designed devices I've ever come across.
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