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Good news and bad news

So, good news and bad news.

Good news in that it looks like I've got a job. Not certain yet, but assuming I get good references then I should have it.

More good news in that part 2 of my Amazon order has arrived. I'm now just waiting on a CD from America.

Of course, the karma bunnies weren't going to let that last, and I popped in my new single to find that my DVD writer (Plextor PX-712A) no longer wants anything to do with CDs. It reads DVDs fine, but try a CD and all that happens is it blinks the light at you. For those curious, the pattern is 2 amber flashes, which according to this means it couldn't lock focus or tracking. Which if I'm lucky means it's in a bad mood and will work after a reboot, and if I'm unlucky means that some part of the CD-reading system has gone *poof!*

So I stuck the CD in my CD-writer (Plextor 48/24/48A) and used that instead. And people wonder why I still keep a CD-writer. I have come across audio CDs that were for reasons unknown unreadable in any DVD drive (I tried at least 3 different ones from different manufacturers), but work fine in genuine CD drives.
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