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Results are in for my second year. I got 63.4% overall, which is okay. Would have liked to get over 70%, but such is life. I blame HCI for that - I got 39.25% for that. Unfortuantly it's not even worth resitting the exam, as the resit will replace that mark entirely (including the coursework) and is capped at 40%. Fortuantly I don't think it's a core course, so I can still progress to the third year.

There's some consolation for that mark - the guy who taught the HCI course is no longer employed by the university. I don't know why, but the fact everyone gave him negative feedback at the end of the course probably had something to do with it.

In other news, still not renewed my LJ subscription. This is because they've yet to fix a bug on their secure site. Go visit it with the current version of Internet Explorer, and look for the padlock icon at the bottom of the screen. Not found it? That's because something to do with LiveJournal's page means it doesn't appear. This doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Until that gets fixed, I've upgraded to their ad-supported level so my userpics and scrapbook photos don't dematerialise.

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