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I've moved to torkell.dreamwidth.org

I've finally moved my blog to Dreamwidth! Come friend/follow me at https://torkell.dreamwidth.org!

I've been intending to do this for quite some time now, for several reasons. The main one that made me actually sit down and make it so is my LJ paid account expires for good next month, and with that goes all the paid features I found useful over the years (in particular I'm about to lose a chunk of storage space for all the photos I've uploaded).
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Fareham history walk

So, yesterday afternoon I ended up going on a history walk in Fareham. The organiser expected maybe 15 people to turn up... they got upwards of 50!

It was a fascinating tour of the high street - we were joined by someone who used to live along there who regaled us with plenty of tidbits of historical trivia. There's a surprising amount of history in plain sight for those who know where to look - some of the houses still have the original fire insurance marks on them, for example.

Also tucked away in a small court off the high street is a battered old BT phone box (complete with equally old phone), which led to one of the more random moments of the tour. We'd been joined by a group of teens, and one of them spotted the phone box and asked "what's that, is it some sort of tardis?" as they'd never seen or heard of a BT phone box before. So the talk organiser gave a bonus modern history explanation on how people made phone calls before mobile phones!
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Remember, remember...

...the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot,
I see no reason
why Gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot...

This year seemed a bit light on the local fireworks - to be fair it has been Very Wet And Windy, even if the much-heralded Storm Ciarán ended up largely ignoring Fareham in favour of trying to drown the Isle of Wight (how can Ryde flood? It's a hill on the seaside - everywhere's uphill of the sea!).

Not that the weather will ever stop Lewes! This year they've particularly got it in for the Tories, with effigies of Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt and some sort or mermaid-kraken-Suella-Braverman-hybrid all getting burninated.
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Today's ridiculous video

Today's ridiculous video is The Slow Mo Guys' latest storage upgrade...

It's worth watching the whole series of tech upgrades - the numbers involved are utterly ridiculous. I think my favourite is still the original storage upgrade, where the shiny new 130TB server lasted about a month before being filled!
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MOT time!

MOT time! The Alfa passed with only the one advisory: a slight exhaust leak which the garage has patched. Otherwise it's all running fine - no mean feat as its nearing 100k miles. The only other work needed this year was an aircon recharge... and a new pair of tyres thanks to an unexpected flat, but that was technically last year so I'm not counting that :).
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Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Last weekend's excitement was going to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong at the Mayflower theatre in Southampton! And indeed Peter Pan did go very wrong in all the right ways.

I highly recommend it, and I think the live production is actually better than the BBC one from a few years ago. When it's live, the audience joins in...

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Today's randomness

I live!

Really, I have no excuse for not blogging. I keep on thinking I should blog about something or other, then fail to do so, and after a while it reaches a point where there's So Much random stuff that I've not blogged about but want to that's all built up and nothing happens. There's the many unfinished Legend of Zelda posts, for starters.

So, I'll ignore all that - maybe one day I'll backfill random posts - and make an attempt at just posting current randomness. Let's see how long this lasts...

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The highly inaccurate guide to the Eurovision Song Contest 2023: Results!

Interval act 1: Wow - some (all?) of the dancers have artificial arms/legs, and there's even a few in wheelchairs.

Interval act 2: I recognise that song, it's Imagine? Annnd now we have a complete mood swing with You Spin Me Round and a pair of giant inflatable wings, because Eurovision 😅. It's a wonderfully bonkers mashup of previous contestants singing covers... ending with a very moving live linkup with Kyiv to You'll Never Walk Alone.

And that's it, the line's are closed, and bring on the votes! Unusually we don't have Graham Norton's snark on the UK commentary because he's actually presenting the results! We start with "this is Ukraine calling", who won't let the fact they're calling in from a literal warzone stop Eurovision. Most of the presenters follow the usual format of standing in front of a cultural location, but Iceland's presenter... he could have been part of the eldritch sci-fi that was Serbia's performance (turns out Iceland's presenter is from their 2019 entry, which explains everything). Whatever sci-fi show that is I want to know more. Norway's was merely gatecrashed by Subwoolfer who are everywhere this year. Georgia have gone steampunk!

So at the end of the jury votes at least all the countries have something (even if Germany only have 3 points) - there'll be no repeat of nul points this year. Sweden have a massive lead of almost twice 2nd-placed Israel... for now that is, but as always all can change with the televote and in past years there's been like 400 points from the audience so anyone could win.

Coratia's not going to win but has jumped into the top half from the audience vote. 9 points for the UK (for a total of 24) - harsh... but it is not zero, so I'll take that. And the audience very much disagreed with the jury on Norway and have launched them into current 2nd place. Ukraine's got to 3rd place from the televote.

We're now at the top five from the jury, and all could still win. Sweden's still at the top so it'll take a good couple of hundred points to pass them - and as I type, Finland gets 300-plus points to take first place for now. That may very well be game - I reckon it all comes down to how many points Sweden get.

And the winner is Sweden!
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