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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021: Week 5!

Dan and Nadiya: Viennese Waltz to She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel
Awww.... dancing under the cherry blossom.

Adam and Katya: Samba to Faith by George Michael
Lights! Camera! Hips!

Sara and Aljaž: Rumba to You're Still The One by Shania Twain
Quite literally setting the dance floor on fire.

Tom and Amy: Salsa to Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles
It's okay, we've put the fire out and turned the dance floor into a pool full of watermelons.

Tilly and Nikita: Foxtrot to Little Things by One Direction
Where are you - oh, there you are. Let's dance!

AJ and Kai: Argentine Tango to Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
No mere gilded cage can keep the tango hidden away!

Ugo and Oti: Rumba to Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak and Silk Sonic
All the spinning!

John and Johannes: Charleston to Milord by Édith Plaf

Rose and Giovanni: Viennese Waltz to Fallin' by Alicia Keys
Wow - this felt like it took an angry tango and wrapped it up in a waltz!

Rhys and Nancy: American Smooth to I've Got The World On a String by Michael Bublé
We apologise for the delay to your flight as the pilots have broken out into song and dance.

And that's the lot (no Judi and Graziano this week because Covid) - and this time, the votes opened to the Strictly Rave!

Bonus quotes!
Dan: "Top of the leaderboard!"
Motsi: "No I'm not twitching, don't worry"
Claudia: "Thumbs up. Smiley face. Aubergine. Tess!" Tess: "Winky face"
Craig: "I think I need whatever Anton's on"
Rhys: "WWAD: What Would Anton Do"
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021: Week 4 Results!

Group dance
The mafia have taken over the dance floor!

Starlight by Westlife
The BBC 1 announcer did warn that this was going to be a sparkly results show...

Well, on the one hand we have an incredibly emotional waltz, but on the other hand it is going up against the Macarena. Myself, I think the dancing of the waltz might just edge out the Macarena.

Bonus quotes!
Claudia: "You're always invited until of course you're not"
Rhys: "Free Mandarin lessons!
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021: Week 4

Straight into the couple dances this week!

Rose & Giovanni: Cha Cha Cha to Raspberry Beret by Prince
Do any of these tops go with my beret?

Tom & Amy: Foxtrot to Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra
Oops, I left my spaceship in my other suit...

Tilly & Nikita: Paso Doble to Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Channel your inner Gordon Ramsay!

Greg & Karen: Samba to Macarena by Los Del Rio
Heeey, macarena!

John & Johannes: American Smooth to I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) by George Michael and Aretha Franklin
Why are we sitting at the edge of the lake when we can dance on it?

Rhys & Nancy: Salsa to Butter by BTS
What happens at the cinema when there's no customers around.

Sara & Aljaž: Tango to Por Una Cabeza by Carlos Gardel
Keeping up with the sudden tempo change in the middle was impressive.

Dan & Nadiya: Cha Cha Cha to U Can't Touch This/Superfreak by MC Hammer/Rick James
Stop - disco time! Complete with MC Hammer Slide (which somehow none of the judges recognised?)

Judi & Graziano: Waltz to Hero by Mariah Carey
That was so very emotional.

Adam & Katya: Argentine Tango to Tango in the Night by Fleetwood Mac

AJ & Kai: Samba to Don't Go Yet by Camila Cabello
We can samba tonight, but only on my terms

Bonus quotes!
Tom: "Hi boys! Go to bed now boys!"
Claudia: "I hope you like popcorn"
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021, Week 3: Results!

Group dance
Strictly's now moved across the pond, to show us what happens in the wee hours at the 24-hour deli before moving to early morning at the beach.

You Will Be Found by Ben Platt
Remember to keep your backing singers hidden in the forest so they don't spook the dancers 😅

Judi seemed to make some more mistakes than in her original dance, but managed to recover from them. I don't know which way to call this one.

Bonus quote!
Claudia, to the judges: "Don't have a row!"
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021, Week 3: Movies!

In Strictly, apparently contestants get their very own red carpet treatment for a sneak preview of the next week. Cue the obligatory epic trailer music!

Group dance
I have invited you all here, my loyal subjects... to dance the most beautiful dance!

Judi and Graziano: Charleston to When You're Good to Mama by Queen Latifah and Taye Diggs, from Chicago
You can try to break out of jail, but you won't get past Mama...

Dan and Nadiya: Foxtrot to Once Upon a Dream by Seth MacFarlane, from Sleeping Beauty
Grimm's fairy tales forgot to mention that they happily danced ever after.

Sara and Aljaž: Samba to Best Years of Our Lives by Modern Romance, from Shrek
Beware: ogres! Keep out, or we'll dance at you!

AJ and Kai: American Smooth to I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston, from The Bodyguard
Let us forget our roles and just dance together, just this once.

Robert and Dianne: Quickstep to The Muppet Show Theme by The Muppets, from The Muppets Movie
They even have matching hats!

Greg and Karen: Paso Doble to The James Bond Theme by Monty Norman, from James Bond
The Soviets have cracked our code, so to identify yourself to our contact you have to follow these moves exactly.

Tilly and Nikita: Jive to Nicest Kids in Town by James Marsden, from Hairspray
We've got our own TV show!

Rose and Giovanni: Foxtrot to Rose's Theme by James Horner, from Titanic
Awwww. So simple, and so beautiful.

Ugo and Oti: Couple's Choice to You're Welcome by Dwayne Johnson, from Moana
I am the demigod of epic acrobatic dancing!

Tom and Amy: Jive to Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, from Back To The Future
Watch those feet go!
(random trivia: someone near here actually has a DeLorean!)

Adam and Katya: Rumba to I See You by Leona Lewis, from Avatar
Strictly brings us the Disney version of Avatar.

Katie and Gorka: American Smooth to Cruella De Vil by Mel Leven (Dr John version), from Cruella
Bring me my dalmatians!

Rhys and Nancy: Couple's Choice to Spiderman Main Theme by P. Webster and J. Harris, from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
It's your friendly neighbourhood superhero dancers!

John and Johannes: Paso Doble to He's a Pirate by Klaus Badelt, from Pirates of the Caribbean

Bonus quotes!
Tess: "Craig, are you going to be good to Mama?"
Dan: "The whole point of this programme is people who can't dance are learning to dance"
Craig: "I can't believe that you've never danced before"
Anton: "We can be double-oh-three-and-a-half each"
Claudia: "It's a jump-off!"
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2020, Week 2: Results

I've only just managed to get round to watching the results show from last weekend.

Group dance
Welcome to Wild West Strictly, where duels are not fought with revolvers but with smooth dancing. May the outlaw with the best moves win!

One Night by Griff
Okay, how does that work - is the singer wearing stilts, or just standing on a table wile wearing a giant dress? Anyway, nice dancing, and projecting shadow dancers onto the video walls is a neat touch.

Nina and Neil's dance seemed a bit awkward at times, while Katie and Gorka's was much more energetic. And is that a different song for the losing couple's final dance this year?

Bonus quotes!
Tess: "The second couple going to compete in the dance-off is... going to be revealed later in the show" (audience: aww)
Claudia: "It is chaterpillar time"
Anton, having to decide who goes and who stays: "Well this is suddenly no fun anymore is it..."
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021, Week 2

No group dance this time, so it's straight into the couple dances!

Rhys and Nancy: Cha Cha to Reach Out, I’ll Be There by Human Nature
Welcome to Club Strictly, where VIP seats include a bonus dance with the singer.

Nina and Neil: Tango to Would I Lie To You? By Eurythmics
I reject you and your advances!

Adam and Katya: Quickstep to Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet
The unwritten rule of the Tube: if you make eye contact, you must now dance the quickstep!

Katie and Gorka: Jive to Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo
How to resolve the contest for class president: a dance-off! Or you could just trap your opponent in the lockers...

Greg and Karen: Couple’s Choice to If You Could Read My Mind by Ultra Naté, Amber, Jocelyn Enriquez

John and Johannes: Cha Cha to Starstruck by Years & Years
Bringing Club Strictly into space, with the second highest score tonight!

AJ and Kai: Foxtrot to Tears Dry On Their Own by Amy Winehouse
Awwwww. And joint second highest tonight, with a 9!

Judi and Graziano: Samba to Get Busy by Sean Paul

Robert and Dianne: Tango to La Cumparsita by Machiko Ozawa
Very classy.

Rose and Giovanni: Salsa to Cuba by The Gibson Brothers
Wow, that lift and spin!

Sara and Aljaž: Foxtrot to Dream A Little Dream Of Me by Cass Elliot
Budget cuts mean we had to make the boat out of paper, so we'll have to dance all the more (and get the high score with two 9's!).

Dan and Nadiya: Paso Doble to Giant by Calvin Harris and Rag N Boneman
Angry dance-off at the coliseum!

Ugo and Oti: Quickstep to Bring Me Sunshine by The Jive Aces
Extreme flower delivery!

Tilly and Nikita: Charleston to Yes Sir! That’s My Baby by Firehouse Five Plus Two
We had to speed things up to fit the traditional picnic in before it rains again.

Bonus quotes!
Claudia, on Craig awarding a 3: "The headline news is Craig is back"
Anton: "It's very difficult dancing on the Tube, I've tried it"
Shirley: "Well I want to work in your laundrette, that's for sure"
Robert: "I don't know why Angry Tango Man was so angry, perhaps he's waiting for a delivery that didn't turn up..."
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021, Week 1

Group dance
Pluck the golden rose and awake the frozen dancers.
That's a good cover of Vanessa's A Thousand Miles too. Oddly that's the second time I've heard that song today - the original was on the radio at Tesco's earlier.

Tom and Amy: Cha Cha Cha to September by Earth, Wind & Fire
We'll give you the day's news through interpretative dance. I wonder if they ever played Elite Beat Agents - this song was a stage in that (and surprisingly hard too as I recall).

Tilly and Nikita: Waltz to Consequences by Camila Cabello

Ugo and Oti: Samba to Iko Iko (My Bestie) by Justin Wellington ft Small Jam
Extreme samba! Watch you don't set fire to the drumsticks.

Rhys and Nancy: Viennese Waltz to End Of The Road by Boys II Men
How to pass the time with style when the bus is late.

Sara and Aljaž: Cha Cha Cha to The Boss by Diana Ross
The secret to getting the Dragon's to invest in your latest pitch: spontaneous dancing!

Dan and Nadiya: Quickstep to Everybody Needs Somebody by The Blues Brothers
Behind the scenes at BBC Breakfast!

Rose and Giovanni: Jive to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
Shake shake shake!

Katie and Gorka: Tango to Black Hole by Griff
Wow, this was a very moody and aggressive dance.

Robert and Dianne: Cha Cha Cha to Rasputin by Boney M.
Getting meta now, with a dance competition inside a dance competition. Is the competitor number a subliminal nudge to the judges?

Greg and Karen: American Smooth to That's Life by Frank Sinatra
Stylishly old-school, complete with cane and hat!

Nina and Neil: Samba to Mi Gente by J Balvin, Willy William featuring Beyoncé
The diva has brought the samba to Strictly.

John and Johannes: Tango to Blue Monday by New Order
Symmetrical tango! Wow - and the second highest score of the night.

Judi and Graziano: American Smooth to Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin
I said "dance", not "drink"! 😅

AJ and Kai: Jive to Gold Dust by DJ Fresh

Adam and Katya: Cha Cha Cha to Beggin' by Måneskin
A surprisingly moody dance to end the show with. The previous Cha Cha Cha's have been bouncy comedic dances, and yet here we have an almost goth version which achieved joint second place!

Bonus quotes!
Craig: *speaks* (audience boos) "...whatever!"
Robert: "Well it's famously quite awkward and tricky, and I found it quite awkward and tricky"
Tess: "Is that it Craig? Just the thumb?"
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The highly inaccurate guide to Strictly 2021: The Launch!

Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is back, which means it's time for another highly inaccurate guide!

Intro dance
And we start with an ominous-looking opening over what could be Gotham City. But it's okay, the glitter signal is there to summon the dancers and the judges (with Anton doing his best James Bond impression).

Professional dancer's introduction
Some sort of serious dance-off with deeply complicated rules? Oddly, this reminded me of the chess tango from Strictly 2020...

It's lovely that the presenters have learnt some sign for Rose Ayling-Ellis (at least I assume they're signing correctly - I once learnt the signing for "Peace be with you", but if you don't get it quite right it becomes "Twins be with you" 😅). The presenters mentioning her interpreter reminded me of an odd article from Sussex University's student magazine - one student had decided to go round Brighton and sign random conversations they overheard as they passed by.

Kiss My (Uh-Oh) by Anne-Marie
Shake your uh-oh!

Last years' winners Bill and Oti: Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang
The commuters are once again arranging deals through the language of interpretative dance. This is one of my favourites from last year and still impressive to watch - there's motion on every beat in it.

Group dance
Can't stop the dancing!

Bonus quotes!
Tess: "Even Craig is smiling... for now"
Robert Webb: "I just want to be fired from a glitter cannon. Or have a glitter cannon fired at my head"
Greg Wise: "The thing about this show is people generally are kind" (cameraman: "Have you met Craig?")
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Geocaching Reach the Peak challenge: Puncak Jaya

I should blog more... so here's a random geocaching blog!

Geocaching.com is currently running a new challenge: Reach the Peak, where finding caches earns you points and if you earn enough points you get a souvenir on your profile. The souvenir is for a given mountain and the points needed are equal to the height of the mountain (hence Reach the Peak). Fortunately a cache is worth several hundred points so you don't have to find all that many for each souvenir!

The first one for the month of August was Puncak Jaya! It's 4884 metres tall, hence 4884 points were needed and at between 300 and 600 points a cache that's only about a dozen caches to reach the peak and claim the souvenir. It's actually easier than that, because not only do the new Adventure Lab caches count for this, but those are made up of 5 waypoints and each one is worth 350 points. So a single Adventure Lab gets me over a third of the way there.

Anyway, here's what I found for Puncak Jaya:
  • Walk in William's footsteps: an Adventure Lab leading from Titchfield Abbey down into Titchfield itself. This made for a nice stroll as part of a longer circular walk to the Abbey and back.

  • A Fareham Fling: another Adventure Lab, this time with random trivia around Fareham town centre, some of which I'd spotted and some was new to me. Looking at my logs, the first waypoint I found October last year, and then the next wasn't until August! I kept forgetting to check for the waypoints when out walking.

  • Hilsea Highlights: I met up with my sister the other day for a walk around Alexandria Park and happened to spot this was there, so we gave it a go.

  • The Foxes #2: the only actual geocache I found for this souvenir!

  • Let's improve the outdoors: a special locationless cache that you can claim a find on if you, well, help improve the outdoors! I logged this by helping friends from church tidy up the church grounds.

So for Puncak Jaya, I easily reached the summit with I think 5550 points (the Adventure Labs do help a lot). The next challenge is Vinson which needs 4892 points in September. Let's see if I manage that!