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I'm melting!

One Christmas present was a hot chocolate snowman. Okay, so I bought it for myself (I did buy one each for the rest of the family as well!). Anyway, given the wet and wild weather outside I was in a hot chocolate mood.

Put me in hot milk? Why certainly!


Glug glug glug...

The verdict? Well, the milk probably wanted another 30 seconds or so in the microwave, though as it was it came out exactly at drinking temperature so there's that. And I think it could have done with a little bit of cocoa powder to darken it a bit, but as it was it made for a reasonable white hot chocolate with marshmallows.
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Brighton again

It's been too long since I was last in Brighton - probably last time I was here was for Christmas shopping last year. Unusually it's actually sunny! Most years it's been very wet and windy, but today it was merely windy (and less so than past years).

Really I'm here for Christmas shopping (the Lanes and the North Laines are usually excellent for unusual gifts), but I can't visit Brighton without heading to the beach. Oh, I live on the coast these days, but Brighton beach is different (for starters, Fareham doesn't have a beach!).

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I didn't stay for Burning the Clocks - it was starting to rain, and I didn't fancy hanging around in the cold and wet waiting for it. Perhaps another year!
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Advent, day 19

I can see I'm not going to be short of tea (in fact, as I'm now typing this on the 26th and have unwrapped my presents - I'm definitely not short of tea!). I'll have to remember to take some into work...
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Advent, day 17

Yes, I know I'm now posting these on Boxing Day. Let's see if I can at least finish these this year!

Some sort of larger ship, and the buttons for another snowman. Which has now been completed and hung up somewhere...
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Advent, day 15

Yes! I've finally cleared enough space to put the Star Wars advent calendar up! And I also finally dug out and decorated the tree:

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